History of Bharmour


Mnaimahesh Bharmour

Bharmaur or Bharmour or the name Brahampura was the the capital of ancient kingdom of Chamba,.65 kms from Chamba is the land of snowy & abode of God Shiva & Gaddi tribal ,earlier Bharmaur known as Brahmpur in the 6th century, was the Capital of Chamba state for about four hundred years , till it was shifted to Chamba by Sahil Varman. Bharmour holds one of very old architectures left in India, basically the temples. These temples comprises the Chaurasi Temple Complex .

In the complex the tallest temple is of Manimahesh which is having a Shiva ling. The other temples are of Dharamraj Ganesha & Nar Singh. There is a stautue of Nandi melted in bronze which stands facing the Manimahesh temple. These idols are believed to be the work of master craftsman Gugga. There is a small water source called Ardh Ganda in a corner of the complex, bathing here is considered religiously significant. The place around Bharmour is regarded as belonging to Shiva and is that is why called Shiv-Bhumi. Cause of home of nomadic shepherds Gaddies it is also called as Gadheran.

According to a localities, the town Bharmour was established in very ancient time and as per common belief this is the garden (Baag) of Mata Bharmaani , the temple of Goddess is situated uphill few kilometers from Main Bharmour bus stand .

Holding the charismatic beauty & the pleasing scenery the place is well suited for nature lovers, the best period to visit Bharmour is between April and October.

There are very few Guest houses & hotels in the valley .Bharmour is also a place of adventure loving people as you could be a trained mountaineer with the help of regional Mountaineering Institute, where courses are conducted by professional qualified Instructors. Bharmour is also known for its delicious apples and sheep wool blankets. Situated at an altitude of 7000 feet in the Budhil valley (32.26°N 76.32°E), sixty five kilometers to the south-east of Chamba, Bharmour is known for its scenic beauty and for its ancient temples. Some of temples are believed to be existing from 10th century.

According to the director Mr. Sharvan Thakur ,Manimahesh Adventures, God Shiva with 84 Sidhas while on his way to Manimahesh visited Bharmour or Brahmpura, & camped in the Vatika of the Goddess Bharmaani Devi for the night. When Bharmani Devi, the presiding deity of the place saw the smoke of fires lit by the Sidhas, she felt very angry at this trespass. She came down to the place and ordered Shiva and the Sidhas to get out of the place. Shiva importuned in all his humility for allowing them to spend a night there. Goddess Brahamani condescended to their wishes. The Eighty Four siddhas transformed themselves in to 84 Lingas because they wished to settle there.

The Lord Shiva granted a boon to Brahamani Devi that all persons intending to go on pilgrimage to Manimahesh must have a dip in Brahmani pool. Failing this, their pilgrimage would not be acceptable to Lord Shiva.

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