Geography of Himachal Pradesh


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The Geographical Location of Himachal Pradesh is 30′ 22′ 40″ North to 33′ 12′ 40″ North latitude and its longitudinal extent is 75′ 45′ 55″ East to 79′ 04′ 20″ East. Himachal Pradesh occupies an area of 55,673 sq km. The capital of the state is Shimla. Himachal Pradesh is divided into twelve districts and it has 49 cities and towns. It comprises a population of 6,077,248, out of which the number of males is 3,085,256 and the number of females in the total population of the state is 2,991,992 according to the census of 2001.

The state of Himachal Pradesh, India is a hilly region and it experiences a pleasant climate through out the year. It even experiences heavy snow fall during the winter months. The weather of Himachal alters with the change of altitude. The best time to visit the state of Himachal is from September to March.

The population of Himachal is culturally rich and diverse at the same time. The communities residing in the Himachal region are very cordial people and they maintain a very well knit society. A very strong fellow feeling works in these simple people.

The Himachal Pradesh region can be categorized into the following Geographical Divisions
The Shivaliks or the outer Himalayas
The central zone or the lesser Himalayas
The northern zone or the great Himalayan and Zanskar.